Digital Learning

Information and Communications Technology


Whitehorse Primary School believes that Information and Communications Technology are central to every aspect of 21st Century student learning. Every classroom is fitted with the latest Interactive Whiteboards giving students and staff have instant access to worldwide teaching and learning resources. The students have easy access to laptops from Prep upwards to develop their computer skills.


Students learn to:


research using the internet, refine their search engine techniques and evaluate the relative accuracy of information on different websites.


create and tell stories using scanners, digital cameras and software to record, create and edit movies, slide shows, 3D worlds, cartoons and animations.


visualise their thinking using graphic organisers including concept maps, webs, SmartArt and bubble,Venn or custom diagrams.


organise, save, retrieve and label their folders and files on networked storage from any computer in the school.


reflect on their strategies, problem solving and emotions as they explore and participate confidently as lifelong learners in this digital age.

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