About our Kindergarten

Seedlings @ Whitehorse Kindergarten is an important part of Whitehorse Primary School.  Seedlings is a forward-thinking and caring kindergarten that provides the time, space and opportunity for young children to flourish and develop their emerging skills.  We take great pleasure in educating young pre-schoolers to help them develop confidence and self-esteem and we are proud of the achievements of our children and staff. We maintain high standards of education and behaviour to ensure our kindergarten is a safe and happy place in which to learn.


Being part of Whitehorse Primary School offers the benefits of:

  • Access to school facilities including the library, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and gymnasium
  • Participation in school activities such as the cross country day, school disco, movie nights and dress theme days
  • Comprehensive transition program to foundation (prep), including our unique buddy program with grade 5 students, lunches with prep students in addition to storytelling and activity sessions with foundation staff
  • Session times co-ordinated with school hours to allow easy pick up and drop off, and establish good routines for commencing school


In addition to the standard 15 hour 4-year old program, we offer an optional extended-hours program. This allows the children to experience three full days of kindergarten, which supports easy transition to primary school routines.

Feel free to contact us at seedlings.whitehorseps@gmail.com or phone 9878 9339.