Fee schedule

2020/2021 Fees


Annual Administration Fee

$25.00 per family


Before School Hours Care  (7:30am to 8:45am)


[less your family CCB rebate]


After School Hours Care  (3:30pm to 6:00pm)


[less your family CCB rebate]


Late Fee

$1.00 per minute after 6:00pm

[not refundable by CCB rebate]


Curriculum Day, Reporting Day or Pupil Free Days

$50:00 per child less each families CCB rebate


Failure-to-Cancel Fee

Before School Care - $16.00 per child

After School Care - $22.00 per child


Please note that the Failure-to-Cancel fees apply only if families fail to notify OSHC staff by 7:30am or prior on the day of care for before school care.  After school care staff MUST to be notified by 12:00pm on the day of care.