Family Involvement

There are some various opportunities for families to get involved in the kindergarten community including:

  • Special family days during the kindergarten sessions
  • Volunteering as a parent helper
  • Sharing interesting skills, professions or cultural traditions with the children
  • Participating in the Kindergarten Committee
  • Helping out at working bees




The committee is made up of both kindergarten staff and parent volunteers and meets about 6 times a year. Parent members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held each November. There are both specific positions (Convener, Fees officer, Child care benefit officer, Secretary, Maintenance officer, Enrolment officer) and general positions available within the committee.


Whitehorse Primary School (our licensee) oversees most operational aspects of the kindergarten. This relieves the committee of a number of responsibilities and administrative tasks that typically fall to other kindergarten committees. However, our committee still plays an important and active role in the affairs of the kindergarten and operates as a subcommittee of the School Council.


Participation in the committee not only supports the kindergarten, but is also rewarding for parents:

I've really valued being part of the kinder committee as it's given me great insight into how the kinder runs. I've also appreciated the opportunity to get to know other parents and the staff and I've enjoyed helping out as I know it greatly benefits the kids and staff.

- Emma (parent of 4 year old kinder child)








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