We know that the first five years of life are the most important learning period in a person’s life. In early childhood education children develop the foundations for lifelong learning and development. As a kindergarten, we believe it is our role to support, guide and encourage children, their families and the community in the journey that is early childhood education.

In relation to the child

We believe children are capable and competent, curious and creative. We value and respect children’s unique cultures, home languages and beliefs. We believe all children have the right to belong, be confident, respected, to learn and develop. We believe children learn best when they feel safe, secure and have a sense of belonging. We pride ourselves on developing caring, responsive and reciprocal relationships with all children

We believe children are active citizens with rights and responsibilities within the kindergarten and community. We support children to make real choices, to consider the consequences of their actions and be responsible for

In relation to the Family

We believe parents are the primary and most important educators in children’s lives. We believe developing respectful relationships with parents is vital to our ability to provide the best education and care for children.
We value parent and family involvement in all aspects of the kindergarten.

In relation to the Learning Program and Environment
We believe children learn through meaningful play, engaging with their environment and through relationships with educators and peers. Our learning program is designed to support all children to work towards meeting the five Learning Outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework. We value and support each child’s unique strengths, interests, abilities, learning styles and needs. We believe the physical environment should be inviting, stimulating, open ended, flexible and it should support children’s individual learning needs.  Our kindergarten recognises and celebrates Australia’s indigenous history and peoples. We believe our kindergarten has a responsibility to engage in sustainable practices that look after the health and wellbeing of our planet. We encourage children to be active participants in recycling, reducing waste and water conservation. We believe our kindergarten to Whitehorse Primary School transition process prepares and supports children to make a smooth and simple transition into school.

In relation to providing a High Quality Service

We are committed to providing a high quality kindergarten service to the children and families through ongoing processes of evaluation, improvement and reflection.