Specialist Programs


All students at Whitehorse Primary School experience an hour each week in the art room with a specialist Visual Arts teacher. The program encompasses the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, modelling, ceramics and constructions.


The art room is a resourceful, productive, supported space where all children enjoy the processes of creative self-expression and imagination. They feel valued, are critical thinkers and explorers. They are respected and feel safe enough to take risks and make their own informed decisions about art making and finally, where the process of art making is theirs to discover and enjoy.



Students at Whitehorse Primary School learn Chinese (Mandarin).


This highly diverse language gives the students access to a broader understanding of the Chinese culture and a unique opportunity to be taught by a native-speaking teacher. Children gain a broader understanding of the culture that underpins the language and the unique opportunity to be taught by a native-speaking teacher.



At Whitehorse Primary School we consider Music to be an important part of the education of all students. As a result there is an extensive music program offered. The students have weekly 45 minute music lessons with a Music Specialist, and there is a huge focus on singing, music appreciation and percussion instruments. Students from Grade 1 to 6 are also provided with the opportunity to be part of one of the school choirs. There are a number of opportunities for students to perform for the whole school, wider school community and the local community.


Additionally, instrumental music lessons are offered by private teachers in a number of instruments, including violin, keyboard, piano and guitar. This is in addition to the program offered by the school. The students are also encouraged to perform in small concerts in to the wider school community.


'Hans Music Spot' proudly supports Whitehorse Primary Schools' Classroom Music program - see Toby or Peter for all your music needs.



During PE sessions, the students develop fundamental movement skills and coordinated actions of the body that assist with fitness and the development of skills; used both individually and in a wide range of team games and sports. They learn to appreciate the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and understand factors influencing personal health choices. The students are encouraged to select and adopt safe practices, and an emphasis is on working cooperatively and with good sportsmanship.


Some of the activities and sessions included in our Physical Education Program are:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Minor/major games
  • Clinics such as tennis and football
  • Intensive Swimming Program
  • House and Inter-school Cross Country
  • School/Interschool Athletics
  • Junior Sports Morning


Our Physical Education program centres on the eleven essential motor skills: Catch, kick, run, vertical jump, leap, dodge, ball bounce, punt kick, overhand throw, forehand strike, two hand side arm strike.


From Prep to Year 2 students are given the opportunity to learn the essential skills and implement them in a simple game situation. In Years 3-6, students are taught the various fundamental skills which are then incorporated in game situations such as basketball, bat tennis and softball.


Students also have the opportunity to participate in additional sporting activities such as:

  • Interschool athletics
  • Interschool swimming
  • House Athletics carnival
  • Interschool team sports (Grades 3-6)
  • Hoop Time Basketball
  • All students also participate in our whole school sports day.



The Science program at Whitehorse Primary aims to increase curiosity and to provide an opportunity for children to explore the world around them. Through observation, prediction, questioning and hands on experiences, the children are encouraged to think critically and to explore different aspects of the science world.


Content covers the four broad science branches of Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth Science. Within these strands, topics range from the Life cycles of Animals and plants, to Forces and Motion, to Environmental Impacts, to Space Science and to Food Chemistry. 


Check out the amazing science program Mrs Mac created during Remote Learning in 2020.