Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships

Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (also known as The 4R’s) is an evidence based Well-Being initiative from the Victorian State Government and the Department of Education and Training, based on recommendations gathered from a 2016 Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.


The 4R’s is designed to equip our students with the skills to build healthy relationships based on respect, develop their resilience, confidence, emotional capabilities and problem solving skills. Additionally, the approach promotes positive social attitudes and gender equality.


Activities and learning materials have been developed by leading education experts who tailor all materials to each year level, ensuring all information is age-appropriate, curriculum aligned and grounded in evidence.


The initiative covers eight topics across all years of schooling including:

  • Emotional literacy
  • Personal strengths
  • Positive coping
  • Problem solving
  • Stress management
  • Help-seeking
  • Gender identity
  • Positive gender relations.

It is our aim that our Whitehorse students will develop a deep understanding of what a respectful relationship looks and feels like. We also aim for students to understand their rights and responsibilities and recognise and celebrate our differences, personal strengths and uniqueness!


To find out more about The 4R’s, please visit www.education.vic.gov.au/respectfulrelationships



KidsMatter, now known as "Be You", is a mental health and wellbeing initiative for primary schools and early childhood education and care services.


KidsMatter has 4 focus areas:

  • creating positive school and early childhood communities
  • teaching children skills for good social and emotional development
  • working together with families
  • recognising and getting help for children with mental health problems.

KidsMatter comes with professional learning for staff, resources, and ongoing support throughout implementation.