Classroom Music

At Whitehorse Primary School, there is a huge focus on singing, music appreciation and percussion instruments.



Students of all level sing every lesson. Each grade is currently working on one song at each VELS level to perform at assembly this term.



Each week an artist or band is played and discussed depending on the grade level. A slide show is viewed of the artist or band while the students listen to their music. This is seen as a vital part of music as it enriches their knowledge of different music genres and artists.



All students have the opportunity to play a range of percussion instruments, both tuned and untuned.

Mrs Keats, our Music Teacher, is herself, a keen drummer. Students in Grades 3 to 6 have the unique opportunity to learn how to play the snare drum. Drum notations are taught and students compose their own works. Each grade in these levels have their own 'Class Percussion Band'. As Mrs Keats conducts, the students read drum notations and play in time together.


The younger grades also learn how to read, play and even write simple percussion notations based on drum notations. They play a range of untuned percussion instruments such as drums, rhythm sticks, tambourines, to mention a few. They also read and play simple xylophone music.