Music Program

At Whitehorse Primary we consider Music to be an important part of the education of all students. As a result there is an extensive music program offered. The students have weekly one hour music lessons with a Music Specialist who also provides an opportunity for students from Grade 1 to 6 to be part of one of the school choirs.


There are a number of opportunities for students to perform for the whole school, wider school community and the local community.


Additionally instrumental music lessons are offered by private teachers in a number of instruments, including violin, keyboard, piano and guitar. This is in addition to the program offered by the school. The students are also encouraged to perform in small concerts in to the wider school community.


Grades 3 to 6 also have a unique opportunity to learn how to play the snare drum and other percussion instruments. They read, play and compose their own music using drum notations.


'Hans Music Spot' proudly supports Whitehorse Primary Schools' Classroom Music program - see Toby or Peter for all your music needs.

Classroom Music