School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

The main functions of the School Council are to:

  • Participate in developing the School Strategic Plan and engaging the school community
  • Approving the annual budget and monitoring expenditure, and
  • Developing, reviewing, updating and monitoring policies including the Student Engagement Policy (how the school promotes expected student behavior, how bullying will be managed and the school's approach to supporting student wellbeing) and the School Dress Code (this includes how students are expected to dress during school hours including traveling to and from school, if the school has a uniform and what that looks like, and any arrangement with clothing suppliers that the school might enter into)


The School Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (8 times a year)


Current members

Liesl Couthard (President), Darby McLeod (Vice President), Jeff Edgell (Treasurer), John Robertson (Secretary), Kerry Wood (Ex Officio), Brooke Trevorah (Community Member), Richard Fly, Sara Hudson, Lisa Hume, Ross Martin, Wendy Tabart, 

School Council elections were be held in February 2015


Terms of reference for 2015 committees will be finalised in April